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Shadowcat Kitty Pryde Upgraded

"Shadowcat Kitty Pryde" is a line of uniforms that has been available for a long time.  There are Scrapper (45 Command Points) and Infiltrator (32 CP) versions.

These uniforms, as well as the "Classic X-Men Kitty Pryde" uniform, have the passive ability "Lockheed".  This ability gives a chance of a counter-attack by Kitty Pryde's dragon friend, Lockheed, each time an enemy attacks Kitty Pryde.

More recently, two new passive abilities were added to the Shadowcat uniforms:

  • Strike From the Shadows (3 turns)
    • Begins the fight Phased
    • Counters all attacks for the first three rounds of combat
  • Phased (3 turns)
    • Automatically dodges all attacks
    • Increased damage on next attack
    • Removed after attacking

These new abilities strengthen Kitty Pryde considerably, and introduce new possible strategies for combat.

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