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Modern Colossus Uniforms

The Modern Colossus uniforms were released on June 5, 2012.  There are two class versions: Scrapper and Bruiser.

The Scrapper version costs 42 Command Points, while the Bruiser version costs 32 Command Points.  The Scrapper version costs more because it allows Colossus to change from his original Bruiser class.

Unlike the Avengers uniforms, which were available for a limited time, the Modern Colossus uniforms are permanently available.

Steel Fortress

Both Modern Colossus uniforms come with the new passive ability, Steel Fortress.  This ability is just like Colossus' level 2 skill, Steel Curtain, except that it lasts 3 turns.  It is activated the first time an enemy tries to attack the Agent or a Hero.  It does not reset in the second or third rounds of combat.

Steel Fortress (3 turns)
  • Protects allies from single-target attacks for the first three rounds of combat
  • Takes reduced damage

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