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Golden Weapons

These Golden or "Excelsior Weapons" are Chapter Mastery Rewards.  To get one, you must earn 5-star mastery on all missions (including the premium mission) of the corresponding chapter.  The damage of these weapons scale according to the Agent's level.

The images for chapters 1-10 were screenshots taken when the Agent was level 50 with no Iso-8 bonus to Attack.  The images for chapters 11-12 were screenshots taken when the Agent was level 139 with total Attack stat 695.

Chapter 1 - Golden Needle Gun

Chapter 2 - Golden Tonfa

Chapter 3 - Golden Screaming Eagle

Chapter 4 - Golden Katana

Chapter 5 - Golden El Diablo

Chapter 6 - Golden A.R. "Spectre"

Chapter 7 - Golden T.Q. 5000

Chapter 8 - Golden Batstone 2.357 Minigun

Chapter 9 - Golden Tyrant Blade

Chapter 10 - Golden Phosphorus Pang

Chapter 11 - Golden Feral Claws

Chapter 12 - Golden P.E.W "Raze"


  1. how many times you can get these weapons? only once?

    1. You can only get each Golden weapon once. It's possible to get it more than once if you get them while the game servers are experiencing rollback problems. It's also possible to get more than one from hacking, which is easily detectable and could get you banned from the game.

  2. Wow... just, wow...

  3. do you need to finish the premium missions too?

  4. I mastered the first chapter and yet i haven't gotten the golden needle gun

  5. why i finished all missions in chapter 1 including premium hulk with 5 stars but still cant get the golden needle gun?

  6. why i finished all mission including the premium with 5 star but still the golden needle gun no show

    1. You may need to refresh the game for the item to show up in your inventory. If you still don't see it after refreshing, then that is bug that you need to report to Playdom.

  7. Updated to include the Golden weapons from chapters 11 and 12. These chapters are currently unavailable for viewing in the game through legal means.

  8. Is it just 5 star mastery or do you have to do every deploy too?