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Tactician - Gains a bonus turn after attacking Blasters.

Master Marksman - This character's attacks almost never miss. [All his attacks have a 100% hit rate before buffs and debuffs.]

Cost: 1 CP (free via story-line)

Teams:  Avengers, Frenemies (w/ Black Widow), S.H.I.E.L.D. (w/ Black Widow)


"Orphaned at a young age, Clint Barton became a circus performer specializing in feats of marksmanship. After seeing Iron Man in action, he reinvented himself as a costumed vigilante and became a criminal before approaching Tony Stark, who sponsored him as a member of the Avengers. He possesses near-perfect accuracy with a wide variety of ranged and hand-to-hand weapons, and has designed a number of custom arrows for different battlefield situations."


Tactician Health Stamina Attack  Defense  Accuracy Evasion Avg
 Hawkeye2 42 25 43.17


Lvl  Skill Target  Type Hits  Min Dmg  Max Dmg  Stam  CD 
1 Sure ShotSingle  Ranged 10.684 0.821 10%
2 Arrow VolleyAll E. Ranged10.428 0.513 20%
6 Trick ArrowSingle Ranged10.420 0.504 15% 2
9 Pinpoint Target  SingleDebuff 20%1

  • Single = Single Enemy
  • All E. = All Enemies
  • Min Dmg, Max Dmg = multipliers for base Attack statistic to get damage
  • Stam = % of Hero's maximum Stamina taken by action
  • CD = Cool-down in # rounds

Trick Arrow
  • Status Chance: 60%
  • Stun (1 turn)
    • Loses next turn
    • Reduced chance to dodge

Pinpoint Target
  • Status Chance: 100%
  • Stealthy - Does not trigger counter-attacks
  • Quick Action - Grants an immediate free turn after using
  • Pinpoint Target (4 turns)
    • Single-target attacks against this target are guaranteed to hit
    • Hawkeye's attacks against this target are guaranteed to crit


Hawkeye isn’t a great damage-dealer (Attack rating of 2 out of 5).  However, his last two skills make him very useful in certain situations.  He can apply Pinpoint Target with 100% accuracy.  This debuff eliminates accuracy problems that any characters may have.  It can be useful for farming Command Points and items.  With Trick Arrow, Hawkeye is the only Tactician with a Stun skill.  These two skills have cool-downs of only 1 turn, making Hawkeye particularly effective in battle when Blasters are present.

Because of his abilities to stun and guarantee hits, Hawkeye can be a useful team member when battling bosses.  [Since the major game update on May 3, 2012, many bosses have the "Relentless" characteristic, making them impossible to stun.]  He can also be useful when multiple enemies are present because of his Arrow Volley.

For all the same reasons, Hawkeye can be very effective in particular PVP scenarios.

Team Synergies

All of Hawkeye's attacks are ranged, so he benefits greatly from Captain America's damage debuff,  Lock-On.  This debuff is cast on all enemies when Captain America uses his level 6 skill, Shield Throw.  It lasts for 3 turns and makes enemies take additional damage from ranged attacks.

[More to come later.]

Alternate Suits

Hawkeye is better as a Tactician than as a Blaster.  Blasters ignore defense and automatically get critical hits versus Bruisers.  However, Hawkeye already has high Accuracy, so he gets many critical hits versus everyone, not just Bruisers. 

Hawkeye is more useful as a Tactician so that he can get a bonus turn each time he attacks a Blaster.  For instance, he could:
  1. Use Pinpoint Target against a Blaster, gaining an additional turn.  Since Pinpoint Target is a Quick Action, it doesn't consume a turn.
  2. Use Trick Arrow to stun the Blaster.  This takes up one turn and leaves one more turn.
  3. Use Pinpoint Target against another target (step 2 allowed action 1 to cool down)
  4. Use Trick Arrow to stun another target (step 3 allowed action 2 to cool down)

[Since the major game update on May 3, 2012, battle mechanics have changed significantly.  The above tactic may not work anymore.  Cool-downs are now specified in rounds instead of turns.  Trick Arrow has a cool-down of 2 rounds now.]



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