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Combat Scores

At the end of each combat, you are given a combat score for your performance.  There are numerous factors that determine the base score.  The base score is multiplied by two multipliers to determine the final combat score.

This final combat score is displayed as in the image above (105,000).  It also determines the combat grade ("Perfection" in the image).  The final combat score also enters into the total score accumulated for that mission when you exit (not abort) the mission after defeating the Boss.  The total mission score determines how many stars you have achieved for that mission.

Base Score

The base score is the sum of all the scores in this section and the Team-Up bonus from the next section.

  • Base score for successfully completing the fight (500 points)

  • Bonus for ending combat with high health; up to 500 points

Perfect Strategy
  • Bonus for winning without taking damage (500 points)

  • Bonus for winning without resting (i.e., without recharging) (150 points)

  • Bonus for using a large number of items
  • 25 points per item for 5-10 items
  • Total bonus: 0 points if less than 5 items are used; 125-250 points if at least 5 items are used

  • Bonus for finishing combat quickly
  • 500, 400, 300, 200, or 100 points for finishing combat in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 rounds, respectively
  • This bonus applies for the entire combat, not per stage of combat.  For instance, if there are two stages in combat, then a minimum of 2 rounds are necessary to finish combat and the maximum bonus is 400 points.

Body Count
  • Bonus for each enemy defeated (150 points each)
  • There are up to 3 rounds in each combat and up to 3 enemies per round.  Thus, there are up to a total of 9 enemies in each combat.  The maximum bonus is 9 * 150 = 1350 points. 

  • Bonus for dealing more damage than necessary to defeat an enemy
  • Up to 150 points per overkill, depending on the extent of overkill
  • The theoretical maximum is 9 * 150 = 1350 for sufficient overkill of 9 enemies.

One Shot
  • Bonus for defeating an enemy in a single attack (150 points each)
  • The theoretical maximum is 1350 points (for one-shotting 9 enemies).

Team-Up Bonuses

You receive a Team-Up bonus of 50, 100, or 150 points for using certain Heroes together.  You receive 0 points if the Heroes you use do not belong together in any teams.  The base combat score includes the Team-Up bonus.

The teams that give a 50 point bonus are omitted here.  See the "Teams" page for a full list of teams.

Heroes Together in 2 Teams (100 points total)

  • Colossus, Kitty Pryde - Mutant, Hard & Soft
  • Hulk, She-Hulk - Hulk Family, Tossers
  • Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic - Eggheads, Illuminati
  • Iron Man, War Machine - Aviary, Tin Men
  • Invisible Woman, Human Torch - Fantastic Four, Sibling Rivalry
  • Phoenix, Human Torch - Aviary, Hot Stuff
  • Phoenix, Ms. Marvel - Aviary, Marvelous
  • Phoenix, Storm - Aviary, Mutant
  • Phoenix, Cyclops - Mutant, X-Lovers

Heroes Together in 3 Teams (150 points total)

  • Hawkeye, Black Widow - Avengers, Frenemies, S.H.I.E.L.D.


Adding up all the points from the previous sections gives a base combat score.  This base score is then multiplied by the Survival Multiplier and the Threat Multiplier to give the final combat score.

Survival Multiplier

  • Multiplier = number of characters (Agent, Heroes) surviving at the end of combat
  • Multiplier can be 1, 2, or 3

Threat Multiplier

Epic Boss10
Two Birds10
Three of a Kind15

These two are not threat levels in themselves, but are special cases of the Boss Threat:

  • Two Birds = a Boss and a Mini-Boss
  • Three of a Kind = a Boss and two Mini-Bosses

Combat Letter Grades

Your final combat score determines your "combat letter grade".  The grades in order are:

  • Fair
  • Good
  • Great
  • Amazing
  • Superior
  • Perfection

The score range required for each grade depends on the threat level and number of enemies in combat.

Maximum Possible Score

The theoretical maximum for the base combat score is 6400.  This is achieved with 3 stages of combat with 3 enemies per stage.  This requires a minimum of 3 rounds to complete, so the maximum Rounds bonus is only 300.  All enemies must be killed with one shot.  Hawkeye and Black Widow must be used.  At least ten supply items must be used.  No damage or rest can be taken.

The theoretical maximum for the final combat score is 6400 * 3 * 15 = 288,000.  This is achieved with the Agent and two Heroes surviving combat against a Boss, two Mini-Bosses, and 6 minions.

This combat scenario may not actually be possible in the game, so these scores may not be achievable.  They just provide theoretical upper bounds.

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