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Epic Bosses

To reveal the Epic Boss, all map events (battles and deploys) must be completed.  Only the special, not regular, deploys are listed below.

Ch-Miss. Epic Boss Heroes Epic Drops
2-3ElectraD: Black Cat
T: Daredevil
Grecian Sai
3-5Dr. DoomD: Spider-Man
T: Hawkeye
The Doombringer
4-4MagnetoD: Storm
T: Invisible Woman
Magnetic Field Generator 
5-3LokiD: Wolverine
T: Thing
Norn Stone
6-3Doctor Octopus D: Luke Cage*
T: Spider-Woman
Electrostatic Arm
7-3Green Goblin  D: Spider-Man
T: Black Cat
Goblin Glider
S1-1Hammerhead D: Black Widow,
T: Black Widow
The Toolbox

  • Heroes
    • D = Heroes required for special deploys
    • T = Heroes required for Team-Ups
  • S1-1 = Special Operation 1, Mission 1


  • If you have not recruited the Hero required for a Team-Up, you do not need to worry about having that Hero to initiate the battle.
  • If you have recruited the Hero required for a Team-Up, then that Hero needs to be available to initiate the battle.  However, once the battle is initiated, that Hero can be switched out for another Hero.

*The required Hero Deploy for Chapter 6, Mission 3 used to be Black Widow, but it was changed to Luke Cage during the major game update of May 3, 2012.

More information to be included later.


  1. Can you please tell me the amounts of xp dropped by low,mediu and high threats alng with mini bosses,bosses and epic boss?

    1. That is part of one of the projects I plan on doing. I have a lot of projects I am juggling, but I will get to your request.

    2. Ok you can at least tell me like when we fight elektra we get command points every time we it same with all epic bosses? Like chapter 6-3?

    3. Yes, it's the same for every Epic boss--you get the same chance for a CP, but it's not guaranteed. It's also possible to get CP's from other battles, but you have a lower chance of doing so.

    4. And is it a compuls to deploy luke cage? i dont have it but id like the epic boss......

    5. Yes, all the deploys are required (compulsory) to unlock the Epic Boss.

    6. Damn! I will hvae t recruit luke cage then but i dont hvae cp..any idea how og et cp rather then epic bosses?

    7. Achieving 5 stars on a mission gives you 5 CP. You can convert Gold to CP but that's not advised. Fight lots of high-threat or regular boss battles and try to get lots of critical hits.

  2. And is it a compuls to deploy Luke Cage for epic boss

  3. Updated to include the Epic Boss for Special Operation 1, Mission 1: Hammerhead. Added required Heroes for Team-Ups.

  4. Hammerhead is spdierwoman u spiderman

    1. Wow, you're very nice, aren't you? And Anonymous, too. Why don't you use your real name?--and add your Facebook profile with your true identity, too, so everyone can see who you really are when you choose to be so rude anonymously on the Internet.

      P.S. You're not paying me anything for my blog; no one is forcing you to read it; and I'm not your employee.

    2. And to return the favor for your advice: not only do you need an attitude adjustment, but you need to learn spelling, grammar, and how to write properly.

  5. would i b ri8 in say'n, dat d epic drops are not a guarantee...following d guidelines just increases d probability of d drop? :o