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Iron Man Mark 5 Armor Upgraded

"Iron Man Mark 5 Armor" is a line of uniforms that has been available for a long time.  There are Tactician (60 Command Points) and Blaster (45 CP) versions.

These uniforms, as well as Iron Man's other uniforms, have the passive ability "Flying".  This ability makes Iron Man immune to most ground attacks.

More recently, a passive ability was added to Iron Man's Mark 5 Armor:

  • Energized Shield (3 turns)
    • Absorbs incoming damage
    • Immune to Stun
    • Restores Stamina every turn

Energized Shield is just like Iron Man's level 6 skill, Deflector Shield, except it restores Stamina every turn and is automatically activated at the start of combat.

This new ability strengthens Iron Man's defense considerably, and introduces new possible strategies for combat.

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