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Chaotic Grenade

The Chaotic Grenade is a premium, limited edition item available from June 5-7, 2012.  It is a single-use item, not a weapon.

It is the blog author's opinion that limited edition, single-use items are not worth buying for Gold (unless one comes along that has major ramifications in the game, such as unlocking a mission).

The Gold price of this item may vary between players due to Playdom's variable pricing policy.

  • PVP Bonus: +341 Atk, +341 Def
  • Deals damage to a single target and causes Iso-8 Corruption 
  • Corruption Blast (1 turn)
    • Deals massive damage to a single target
  • Iso-8 Corruption (3 turns)
    • Taking damage every turn
    • All stats reduced
    • This effect can be applied up to 3 times

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