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Tactician - Gains a bonus turn after attacking Blasters.

Cost: 15 CP (before any discounts)

Teams:  Mutant, X-Lovers (w/ Phoenix)


"Professor X's first student, Scott Summers is one of the X-Men's leaders. Able to discharge devastating energy bolts from his eyes via a breach between universes, Cyclops is one of the most powerful mutants to graduate the School of Gifted Youngsters."


Tactician Health Stamina Attack Defense Accuracy Evasion Average
 Cyclops333 342 3.00

Stats-wise, Cyclops is the second most well-rounded Hero in the game, tied with Iron Fist and Human Torch.  (Captain America is the most well-rounded one.)


Lvl Skill Target Type Hits Min Dmg Max Dmg Stam CD 
1 Optic BlastSingleEnergy Ranged 10.8531.28020%
2 Exploit WeaknessSingleUnarmed Melee10.6140.73710%
6 Evasive Maneuvers All AlliesBuff

9 Mega Optic BlastAll E.Energy Ranged10.5120.76830%

  • Single = Single Enemy
  • All E. = All Enemies
  • Min Dmg, Max Dmg = multipliers for base Attack statistic to get damage
  • Stam = % of Hero's maximum Stamina taken by action
  • CD = Cool-down in # turns

Exploit Weakness

  • Status Chance: 100%
  • Weak Points (3 turns)
    • The next attack against this target is a guaranteed critical hit.
    • Note: This does not guarantee a hit.  A critical is guaranteed only if the enemy is hit.
    • Note: This is bugged in that buffs or other debuffs may count as an "attack" and override Weak Points.

Evasive Maneuvers
  • Status Chance: 100%
  • Agile (4 turns)
    • Grants Agile to all allies
    • Evasion increased by 25%
  • Combat Expertise (1 turn)
    • Grants Cyclops Combat Expertise
    • Counter-attacks when attacked by any attack.


Cyclops is a good, balanced, and inexpensive Tactician.  He is one of the Heroes offered for free when you finish Chapter 1.  (The others are Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, and Iron Fist.)  At 15 CP, he is the second least expensive Tactician after Hawkeye.  His level 1 attack, Optic Blast, is one of the strongest single-target attacks in the game.

In terms of stat ratings, Cyclops is the second most balanced Hero (tied with Iron Fist and Human Torch) after Captain America.  His Accuracy is above average (rating of 4), while his Evasion is below average (rating of 2).  All of his other stats are average (rating of 3).

As a Tactician, Cyclops is particularly effective against Blasters.  He can open up with Exploit Weakness against a Blaster to make the next attack against the Blaster a guaranteed critical hit.  He can immediately take advantage of this with his extra turn by following up with Optic Blast.  Defensively, he can open up with Optic Blast against a Blaster and then use his extra turn for Evasive Maneuvers.

Cyclop's advantage as a Tactician against Blasters can be negated when facing an opponent that can intercept his attacks.  Spider-Man is particularly annoying with his Great Responsibility and Infiltrator advantage against Tacticians.  In this case, one strategy is to use Evasive Maneuvers to gain Combat Expertise rather than rely on direct attacks.  This allows Cyclops to counter-attack Spider-Man with no retaliation as there are no counter-counter-attacks.  Evasive Maneuvers has a low Stamina cost but a 3-turn cool-down.

Team Synergies


Alternate Suits

None currently available.




  1. "able to discharge energy from his eyes via a breach between universes"



    1. I didn't write the bio. It's a quote from the game. I suppose it might make sense if you believe there are multiple or an infinite number of universes and some of them are connected by such things as black holes or other types of holes, and that such holes can be microscopic and found almost everywhere. Strangely enough, there are theories in physics that entertain such ideas.

    2. In the recent canon, the optic blast comes from his eyes acting as a gateway to a "pure red energy" universe. Mental stress determines how long he can open the gateway. How focused his vison on a target is affects how much energy escapes(Hence why he removes his visor altogether for the Mega optic blast).

      Orginally, he metabolized sunlight.

      Trivia: In all canons, the optic blast his now heat based, but concussive force. Notice enemies always fly back when hit. Lastly, it is unknown how powerful his strongest possible optic blast is, but he has shot Thor's hammer from his hand!

      Cyclops nerd, out...

  2. my cyclops its stuck at level 3 with the xp bar maxed how do i fix this