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Chapter 7 Premium Rewards

After defeating the boss of the last mission of Chapter 7, two of the possible rewards are the Cosmic Ray Bomb and the Handheld Holraum.  They both deal a lot of damage to all enemies.  The Handheld Hohlraum deals much more direct damage and "Exploits Burning".

The Cosmic Ray Bomb doesn't deal as much damage, but it's special property, "Radiation Exposure", is awesome.  It:

  • Deals an increasing amount of damage each turn
  • Is difficult to cure
    • Note that Asgardians such as Thor and Sif are immune to Radiation (as well as Chilled, Burning, and Poison).
  • Increases damage taken from energy attacks.

These properties make the Cosmic Ray Bomb very useful for PVP.

As a side note, both weapons also grant very high PVP bonuses, but you may not want to use them for that purpose unless you have extra.

These screenshots were taken when my Agent was level 77.

Cosmic Ray Bomb

Handheld Holraum

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