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Special Operation 1 Released

Special Operation 1 was released today (May 15, 2012).  It's a limited-time Chapter that's available for only 28 days (until June 12, 2012).

You can access it by clicking on the special jet on the Helicarrier as shown in the image above, or by clicking on the Missions tab in the lower right corner of the game screen.

Each of the three missions in this Chapter has one of the following possible rewards (via the Roulette):

  • Target Pistol
  • Taste of Thunder
  • Enchanted Crowbar

These weapons aren't very good compared to the best weapons currently available.  By far the best reward of this Chapter is the unlocking of Mockingbird as a new Hero.

Chapter Briefing: Don't Say a Word

"Shortly after the Pulse, Mockingbird was dispatched by Nick Fury to investigate some mysterious energy readings.  She hasn't come back."

Chapter Mastery Reward: Mockingbird -- To unlock her, you must earn 5 stars on each of the three missions in this chapter.

Mission Previews and Guide

Note that you can switch between the ordinary chapters and the Special Operations chapter by using the tabs at the top of the screen.

The missions of this chapter are like the premium missions and 5-star regular missions in that they scale to the Agent's level.

Mission 1: Radio Chatter

  • "Mockingbird radioed in a report of AIM and the Maggia working together in Little Italy.  That was the last we've heard from her."
  • Special deploys: Black Widow (1 battle); Spider-Woman (1 battle)
  • Team-Up: Black Widow
  • Mini-Boss: Bulldozer (Bruiser)
  • Boss: Madam Masque (Tactician)
  • Possible Boss reward: Target Pistol
  • Epic Boss: Hammerhead (Scrapper)
  • Possible Epic Boss reward: Toolbox

Mission 2: Thunderball PhD

  • "The Wrecking Crew isn't known for their smarts, but Thunderball knows what he is doing.  He's got thugs lifting supplies from Bellevue Hostpital.  Get in there and remind him he's not a MD."
  • Special deploys: Hawkeye (3 battles)
  • Team-Up: Iron Man 
  • Mini-Boss: Piledriver (Bruiser)
  • Boss: Thunderball (Tactician)
  • Possible Boss reward: Taste of Thunder

Mission 3: Enemy Ally

  • "Mockingbird's trail leads to Empire State University.  Maybe we can audit a class and learn what is going on."
  • Special deploys: Black Widow (3 battles)
  • Team-Up: Hawkeye
  • Mini-Boss: Mockingbird (Generalist)
  • Boss: Wrecker (Scrapper)
  • Possible Boss reward: Enchanted Crowbar

Unstable Iso-8

There is a new currency in the game called Unstable Iso-8.  It's used to deploy Heroes and engage in battles in Special Operation missions.  Each deploy or battle requires 5 Unstable Iso-8; battles still require 10 Energy as well.

There are various ways to acquire Unstable Iso-8:

  • Some amount is automatically gained when the Special Operation chapter is unlocked.  Most players have reported receiving 65, and a lucky few have received 500.
  • As gifts from allies
  • As drops in battle, including PVP
  • As a possible reward from the roulette after defeating a boss
  • Converting from Gold
    • 3 Unstable Iso-8 : 1 Gold

More information to come later.

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