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Major Changes: Release Notes, April 27, 2012

Chapter 7 Released

  • Access to Chapter 7 has been unlocked, granting access to 6 new missions.
  • Complete full mastery to gain access to the powerful Golden T.Q. 5000.

Avengers Movie Costumes

  • To celebrate the release of the Avengers movie worldwide, we are releasing costumes based on the characters’ appearances in the movie.
  • Both Hawkeye and Black Widow have new costumes.
  • Hawkeye’s new costume comes in Infiltrator and Tactician varieties.
  • Black Widow’s new costume also comes in Infiltrator and Tactician varieties.
  • These costumes come with the unique Avengers Assemble passive ability.
    • Having one Avenger on the team grants Coordinated Attacks.
      • Teammates have a chance in joining in on single-target attacks.
    • Having two Avengers on the team grants Cooperative Defense as well.
      • Teammates have a chance of countering when a teammate is hit by a single-target attack.
  • Expect the rest of the Avengers to assemble soon!
  • These costumes are only available for a limited time!

Combat Engine Improvements

These changes resolve the following PVP issues:

  • Quantum Jumper
  • Quick Action weapons
  • “Looping” techniques

Action Cooldowns

  • Cooldowns on all actions (from agent gear or heroes’ abilities) now decrement each round instead of each turn
  • A round is a collection of each character getting a turn
  • Extra turns happen within the same round
  • This prevents characters with many extra turns getting their moves off of cooldown faster, which over-values items that produce extra turns

Extra Turns

  • Extra turns granted from items and agent gear now give the character Exhaustion, preventing that character from gaining additional extra turns in a round
  • This prevents “stacking” extra turns in a single round or infinitely “looping” extra turns
  • This does not affect extra turns from Quick Action abilities or Tactician bonus turns

Ignore Defense

  • Attacks that ignore defense (such as the Blaster class bonus) now properly deal increased damage against all targets, regardless of their level
  • The tooltip has been clarified to indicate that attacks that ignore defense also ignore shield-like statuses (such as Invisible Woman’s Force Field)

Many Bosses and Mini-bosses are now immune to Stun

  • This should make certain boss fights more challenging
  • This fixes several issues with Stun interfering with boss mechanics


  • Various graphical improvements and bug fixes
  • The PVP bonus granted by the Chrono Boost was accidentally reduced. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Source: Playdom

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