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Release Notes - May 31, 2012

Changes to Heroes

  • Black Widow’s Revenge Tactics no longer provokes counter-attacks when it procs. This fixes problems with infinite loops between two Black Widows using Revenge Tactics.
  • Human Torch’s Nova Blast damage has been increased
  • Storm’s Blizzard damage has been increased
  • Captain America’s Shield Guard ability restored to a 2-round cooldown
  • Several minor balance tweaks to Mockingbird’s stats

Changes to Weapons

  • New “Customized” weapons are available.
    • Weapons marked as “Customized” set their Power Level based on the Agent’s current level at the time that the weapon is acquired. (Either through purchase or loot drop.)
    • Target Pistol, The Toolbox, Taste of Thunder and Enchanted Crowbar are now considered “Customized” weapons.
  • Energy weapons that do beam animations have had their animations improved.
  • Attacks that ignore defense have had their damage reduced slightly.

Other Changes

  • Various PvE enemy AI improvements and fixes

Unannounced Changes

  • Sales of some Avenger uniforms have been extended for 3 (?) days.
  • Heavy Ion Beam's damage nerfed.  Supposedly, this is a bug, but it's not encouraging that it comes to a former premium weapon on the same day a new premium weapon is released for sale.

Source: Playdom (except for unannounced changes)

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