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Benefits of PVP

If you win a PVP battle, you earn 50 Silver (there’s no notification of this) and each surviving hero gains 5 XP.  Each hero that dies gets 1 XP, whether your team wins or loses.  You can also get random item drops, which you can save for later use or sell for Silver.  Depending on whether you win or lose and how you rank versus your opponent, you move up or down the PVP ladder accordingly.

The small rewards of PVP can be combined with short-term remote missions for efficient farming when you’re low on Energy.  If you're low on Silver, you can sell the items you collect.  If you've run out of energy but just need a bit more XP to level up, PVP can get you over that hump.

On a different note, many players find PVP fun for different reasons.  The battles are not live or controlled by other human players, but the teams you are pitted against were trained, equipped, and selected by other players.  It can be interesting trying to find an optimal combination of heroes and equipment to form a team.

PVP can be a good place to battle for fun when you’ve run out of energy.  It can be used as a practice arena to try out new heroes or equipment, different combinations of heroes, or new strategies and tactics.

Then, of course, there are the bragging rights.

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