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Items Nerfed

Along with Chapter 7 being unlocked, it looks like some other changes were made.  Some of the Heroes and items were tweaked.

As you can see from the image above, the Quantum Jumper has been nerfed with this additional property: "Only one extra turn may be taken each round".  The cooldown has also been increased to 4 rounds.  After taking the first extra turn in a round, "Exhaustion" is bestowed on a character:

The Gamma Booster has been nerfed with the additional property: "This effect stacks up to 3 times".

The S.A. "Pincer" has been nerfed by increasing its cooldown from 1 to 2 rounds.  The "Quick Action" text in the display was removed as in the image below, but the Pincer actually still retains this property.    Many other items had this same bug due to the major release today, but the bug was fixed on the same day.

Chrono Boost now only gives PVP bonuses of +70 Attack and +70 Defense, instead of the prior +299/+299.  This is on top of the recent price increase from 1 to 2 Gold.  On the same day as this change, Playdom stated that "the PVP bonus granted by the Chrono Boost was accidentally reduced. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch."  It was indeed fixed within a few days.

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